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Coaching looks different for everyone. You may just want to check in once to get some perspective and direction. You may want to meet regularly so you have that weekly session to get you re-oriented. You may want a lot of concrete direction with quick accountability check ins throughout the week. These are the basic coaching services, but we can work together and customize something that works for you. I try to maximize my client's investment by being available for email/phone check-ins and using apps and computer programs to track progress, maintain habits and provide constant connection for the client.

Discovery Session


30 minutes

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You don't want to take the leap without knowing what coaching is all about. I don't want to recommend coaching until I know it will be a good fit for you. So why not make on quick phone call and see? No cost, no commitment.

Individual Session


1 hour

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Figure out your needs and goals and how to get there. We won't get to where you want to go in an hour, but we'll get a road map, and decide what kind of coaching and other resources you need to get to your destination.

Assessment Services


1 hour 30 minutes

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Comprehensive Psychosocial assessment of all domains of a child’s development, compiled in a 3-5 page report, including recommendations. The fee covers a 60 minute interview, 30 minutes of child observation, the report, and a 30 minute follow up session.

* Relational or personal assessment services may also be requested in lieu of or in addition to traditional sessions